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Big Top at Barefoot Festival ™ 2021

The big top is back!

Back by popular demand, we are delighted to announce that Barefoot Festival™ 2021's base will once again be the stunning Big Top.

With oodles of space to dance, watch, learn and play we just couldn't resist the lure of the fabulous Big Top this year. Come watch our evening performances, join in with some amazing workshops or just hang out and socialise with friends old and new, all in this glamours venue.

Barefoot Festival™

Confirmed workshops...

Clowning with Alexia Elliott at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Clowning with Alexia Elliott - Alexia Elliott is a seasoned navigator of the soul and filled her boots with an eclectic repertoire of the healing arts while travelling the human journey.

Life experience has seasoned Alexia well in finding extraordinary wisdom in the absurd. Alexia is convinced the wisdom of the clown makes this journey simpler. With so much chaos in the world, we need to embrace it, transmute it with enchanting vibrations.

Do you want to experience new landscapes through curious play? If discovering the hidden layers of your human magic appeals to you then join us in the Big Top at Barefoot Festival. Does the idea of clowning make you feel vulnerable? Excellent, this is rocket fuel for transformation. This is theatrical clowning, not custard pies and big shoes!

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Barefoot Festival™
Hula Hooping (all levels) with RoRo at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Hula Hooping (all levels) with RoRo - Project Hoops RoRo - qualified (QTS) teacher who has over 10 years teaching practise and a whole load of hoop experience. Originally self-taught (beginning in 2015), she has since gone on to perform and is now an established teacher.

A huge lover of technical tricks, a few of her other well known hoopy passions are breaks, coin tosses, shoulder tricks, and circus style multi hooping (endlessly chasing a 7 split).

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Barefoot Festival™
Netball with Val Kindred at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Netball with Val Kindred Val's experience in netball spans 50 years starting with getting a taste of the game at junior school, playing for her county and club moving into coaching (level 3) and officiating (‘B award).

Her experience helped her to secure her role as a county netball development officer, working to encourage and improve netball for all abilities and ages. This also has led to her volunteering in different capacities for her region/county e.g. as lead for Regional Performance Athletes development, coaching the under 19’s Loughborough Lightning National performance League.

Val’s has also involved the Special Olympics came in Glasgow (2005) when she went as a coach for Southfield Netball club who won gold…the event captured her heart watching the athletes achieving their goals and enjoying the event. This fuelled her passion to want to contribute more so when the games came to Leicester in 2009 and she was offered the role of Competition Manager there was no hesitation in accepting this and again in 2017 in Sheffield.

Barefoot Festival™
Pole Dancing with Cat Sambell Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Pole Dancing with Cat Sambell - Cat started pole dancing in 2007 and comes from a background in gymnastics. Since her first lesson she has been addicted to all things pole.

Cat teaches at Twisted Pole Studios was first opened in 2011 by Hannah Capocci. They started off in a small 5 pole studio and a year later they moved into Warser Gate with 10 poles. Twisted Pole is now in its fifth year and is one of the biggest pole studios in Nottingham.

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Doe Demure Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Fusion Bellydance & Burlesque with Doe Demure - A dancer with passion; Doe Demure is known for her dramatic fusion belly dance style, having studied with master teachers from across the world; from glamorous Vintage fusion reminiscent of the golden era of belly dance, to Gothic, Contemporary or Urban fusion.

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Bellydancewith Andrea Chaînes Barefoot Festival™ 2016

Bellydance with Andrea Chaînes - Andrea is an international dance artist, professional performer, teacher, choreographer, costume designer and show producer. She is mainly known for fantastic stage presence and original style.

Andrea is a proud owner of Chaînes dance and fitness studio in Leicester dedicated to more than 22 dance styles. Chaînes Dance Company provide top quality entertainment in a variety styles including Bellydance, Bollywood and Cabaret.

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Capoeira and Maculele with Christos Espirro at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Capoeira and Maculele with Christos Espirro - Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals in a very elegant and magnetic way.

Christos first encountered Capoeira while training for open martial arts tournaments, now known as mixed martial arts. The initial attraction for taking Capoeira on as his main style was the high cardiovascular workout and not sporting black eyes at work every week! However what really kept Christos captivated was the complexity and variety of the game, the rhythm, the mental aspect as well as the physical.

Come join in this energetic and inspiring practice with it's rhythmic beats!

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Latin Dance with Tilly Calow Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Latin Dance with Tilly Calow - Tilly is a skilled performer and teacher who specialises in Cuban salsa, Turkish Roma belly dance and traditional dances from different areas of the world. She has a strong love of traditional dances and strong cultures and is always learning and discovering old dances and their origins.

Tilly is proud to work with companies such as Chaînes dance, Havana salsa and charities such as Caberesque and Danceaid.

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Afro Brazilian Dance with Bridget Withycombe-Wharton Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Afro Brazilian Dance with Bridget Withycombe-Wharton - These workshops are fun, fast and exhilarating. Afro Brazilian dance is fast paced and energetic but all are welcome to participate.

Bridget's intention is to work with the West African Orixa's and introduce a deity along with their individual movements. Each Orixa has its own personality and through dance/movement we can embrace and express these energies.

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