Barefoot Festival and Barefoot Gathering

Please Note: our program of events was planned for Barefoot Festival 2020, but due to COVID-19 situation we have had to postpone our wonderful festival until 2021. We of course will strive to bring you the same top quality performers and workshops in 2021, but please note that the below is subject to change.

What's On 2021

The Bands Tent at Barefoot Festival 2021

The Bands Tent

Hosted by Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Kay Kimberley, The Band Tent is back for Barefoot Festival™ 2021 and it's going to be the best yet! This Barefoot Festival™ 2021's line-up is already booked and confirmed, you will find all the band and artist information being updated over the coming weeks on this page.

Barefoot Festival™

Confirmed Acts...

The Social Ignition at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

The Social Ignition - a Ska-fusion band with a melting pot of musical influences, from Folk to Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock and Punk and E.D.M but always with a main focus on Reggae and Ska. The broad range in musical interests and influences of the band members adds to their interesting, diverse sound; with skank-tastic brass, Dubby Bass lines, to funkadelic guitar licks with danceable beats. All adding up to their unique complexities, there’s a little bit of something for everyone, whilst staying true to their sound.

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Barefoot Festival™
Blue Skies In June at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Blue Skies In June - Perfect for getting festival crowds up and dancing, Blue Skies in June will lift spirits and raise the roof with their performances of edgy covers combining current, alternative pop songs with classics from the 90’s in an indie/rock style as a sassy female fronted five piece band. Add in four part harmonies, driving guitar and a bucket load of energy and you get something along the lines of Fleetwood Mac singing The Hills by The Weeknd.

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Barefoot Festival™
Dust and Debris at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Dust & Debris - are Americana based, playing popular covers and Les’ original songs - a blend of Country, Blues, Bluegrass, Cajun, Western Swing and Rock and Roll. How do they describe this magical mix? They call it “Rock’a’Bluesy Country-Soul” - Simple music that goes straight to the heart!

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Barefoot Festival™
Bellatones at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Bellatones - from folky beginnings as an acoustic duo in 2011, Bellatones have evolved in to a multi-instrumental 5-piece rock behemoth with a reputation for soaring melodies, driving rhythms and dramatic songs, showcased in their energetic live performances.

Their recent evolution has brought a lively fusion of blues, rock and dance influences, which has seen audiences dancing in the aisles and on the tables at recent gigs.

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Barefoot Festival™
The Markus Reeves Brotherhood at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

The Markus Reeves Brotherhood - If Neil Young and The Small Faces had a baby they’d call it MRB. Think Idles playing Muddy Waters or Slaves playing John Martyn Formed in July 2018 The Markus Reeves Brotherhood are already creating a loyal following around the Midlands UK. Having filled 200cap venues like Leicesters The Musician Pub and The Donkey, MRB want to spread the word and are looking to play to a wider audience across the UK in 2019.

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Barefoot Festival™
The Bighead at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

The Bighead - are based in Northampton and play Original Roots Reggae and Ska and have been playing the festival and club gigs for over 10 years. Formed in 2008 by Da Costa, the band have played headline and supported the original 2-Tone acts , the Beat, The Selector, Bad Manners and a 2013 show with Madness.

The band play all over the UK and Europe with are regulars on the Berlin Reggae scene. This year the band play the Barefoot Festival in Leicester for the first time and release a first vinyl single for 2019 “ Hangover Cure “ and are working on a third album for release in May.

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Barefoot Festival™
The Millmen at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

The Millmen - The grizzled remnants of some old faces from the Leicester ska / punk scene have been chewed up and spat out to form The Millmen. These days their tone is focused on dance grooves, mainly soul, ska and reggae. There is a fair amount of grit thrown in for good measure. Soaring rocky guitar solos, punky vocals, and a massive 4 piece brass section. To top it all off, expect to be barked at with passionate left wing lyrics and surprised by harsh push-pull progressions. Overall, very groovy, danceable and enjoyable

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Barefoot Festival™
Homeless Shakespeare at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Homeless Shakespeare - Working as a solo artist for 5 years, Homeless Shakespeare created The Pigeon Theatre for the launch gig of genre-mashing album WAVES in December 2017, and has since developed the 'gyp-hop' sound; an exciting cocktail of blues, funk, rock, gypsy-swing and rap.

eptember 2018 marked the release of the band's first EP, Caravan O'Funk. Since the start of 2018, The Pigeon Theatre has matured into a hard-hitting ensemble, so distinctively unique that its audacity is enough to work any audience. Punky, funky, ballsy and romantic. The dynamic live performances involve engaging musical characteristics and stage banter (including jokes), offering that personal touch.

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Barefoot Festival™
Elysian Musicians at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Elysian Musicians - started as an acoustic duo back in 2011, but later expanded to a full band, which further unleashed their potential. They combine the power house, vibrato rich, soulful tones of Celia, all backed by an impressively tight band. They play a mix of covers and a few originals, always in their own unique style.

Their music combines Soul, Jazz, Reggae and Ska. They play the kind of music you can really lose yourself to, whether it's getting up for a dance or listening in awe. Elysian are one of the most exciting underground acts in Leicester and have been playing the festival circuit for the past few years, always with huge amounts of praise. They are one not to be missed!

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Barefoot Festival™
Charlie Jones at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Charlie Jones - formerly of Charlie and the Martyrs is returning to the solo stage after a break focusing on other projects. Charlie (BBC Radio 2 Singer/Songwriter of the Year - Finalist 2008) achieved national success with her previous outfit playing various UK festivals, which included main-stage appearances at ‘Strawberry Fields’ and the venerated ‘Summer Sundae’.

Go! Team, as well as being personally asked to be main support for Paul Heaton (Beautiful South/House Martins) on his UK Tour (Spring 2011). They were handpicked to perform at the prestigious ‘Big Chill’ Festival. From which, set opener ‘Kenny James Tale’ was chosen to feature on the ‘Busking for SolarAid’ album released by the Big Chill Label. Their debonair appearance has also attracted the sponsorship of Vandini Shoes, who personally picked ‘7 Shades’ as the song for their advert campaign and captured the bands ‘live essence’ in a video advertisement.

They received regular airplay on radio across the country, and have performed tracks on Dean Jackson’s esteemed show ‘The Beat’ and ‘live’ sets on BBC WM Introducing (Brett Birks/Louise Brierley), on more than one occasion, aired on all of the BBC Midlands stations. They’ve also won national accolade by appearing on BBC Radio 6, including ‘Guy Garvey’s finest hour’ show and Janice Long’s show on BBC Radio 2.

With new material in tow, Charlie plans to melodically weave her way back into the eyes, ears and hearts of the land.

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Barefoot Festival™
Jesse Wright Band at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Jesse Wright Band - Born in Leicester but raised in Spain, Jesse moved back to her home town after 20 years to pursue a life in music. She has brought her Mediterranean infused soul to venues across Leicester and the UK, as well as events such as Riverside Festival and Summer Sundae. In July 2016 she performed with her band for the first time at Leicester's Cosmopolitan Festival, and now in 2017 looks to cement her reputation as a powerful singer and vibrant performer.

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Barefoot Festival™
The Mojo Slide at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

The Mojo Slide - The Mojo Slide is a group of musicians, hailing from Cambridgeshire, united in their passion for blues-inspired alternative music. Formed in 2011, they released their debut album 'Twist Your Bones' in November 2015 on DO IT Records. The album features a contemporary mixture of classic rock 'n' roll, and blues rooted alternative rock. They have had radio play on BBC, Absolute and Planet Rock, amongst others.

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Barefoot Festival™
SuperEvolver at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

SuperEvolver - star has risen and 2010 has seen them as a band in massive demand. SuperEvolver were awarded 'Best Rock Song' by Exposure Music Awards for the track 'Cartoon Killers' in 2009 And Best Rock 2010, and their luck has been in since. The eerie Acoustic track ‘The Wizard’ was chosen to feature in MySpace’s teenage drama ‘Freak’. This has culminated in requests to play events from major club names such as ‘Greasy Lips’ (Alan McGee) and a much-acclaimed set on the main stage at Strawberry Fields Festival.

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Barefoot Festival™
Lycio at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Lycio - out of Birmingham, lycio are a contemporary 3-piece bringing a uniquely authentic take on electronic/hybrid music - combining distinctive vocals, real & electronic drums alongside pad/synth textures. Despite their interest in sound design, lycio ultimately prioritise the song - great songwriting, vocals & melody. Everything is played 100% live; no backing tracks, no stock loops. Hybrid music with that essential human feel.

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Barefoot Festival™
The 40 Hertz at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

The 40 Hertz - Acoustic mashup meets mid-life crisis. Leicester based musos who should know better.

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Barefoot Festival™
Ailsa Gray at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Ailsa Grey - music is often described as 'Folk-pop' with the focus of my songs being mainly on the lyrics. I often write about personal experiences that I have had and am very honest about them in my songs. I believe honesty is a crucial part of song writing as it allows people to be able to relate to your music. My influences include artists such as Billy Joel, Ed Sheeran, and Twenty One Pilots.

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Barefoot Festival™
The Whiskey Rebellion at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

The Whiskey Rebellion - from the deepest, darkest jungles of Leicestershire, The Whiskey Rebellion are a band like no other. Performing a blend of Balkan, gypsy dance music, Celtic folk tunes and pure unfettered punk, they provide a sweat laden performance that leaves the audience stunned and gasping for breath. Featuring a line-up including accordion, banjo, mandolin and guitar, with a live show renowned for its theatricality, this group of hair-brained harlequins are infamous for whipping any crowd into a frenzy of dance & debauchery.

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JJ Lovegrove at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

JJ Lovegrove - Nottingham based artist that performs powerful piano based songs that tug at the heart strings and take you on a dark yet uplifting journey.

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Barefoot Festival™
Kaitlyn Elverson at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Kaitlyn Elverson - originally from Leicester, Kaitlyn is a singer, songwriter currently living in Cornwall, England who loves all things Country. She writes and records original songs and is working on her first EP.

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Barefoot Festival™
Stinking Rita Band at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Stinking Rita Band - bringing to you a collective of musicians based in Nottingham, UK. Fusing funky originals, soulful rhapsodies, dirty blues. Shona Munro brings feral raw vocal power and high energy to her performances. Rissa May (guitar and vocals) compliments the wild with nature. Bob J Cat (bass/multi-instruments) – Was found in the snow, expect eccentrically cool grooving basslines. Claudine West (drums/multi-instruments) performs with rhythmical eloquence. Local legend Robert ‘Too Tall’ Batchelor entertains with his euphoric harmonica.

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Sofia Rodriguez at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Sofia Rodriguez - is a 17 year old singer and guitarist, and also full time student, studying her A Levels. She has been learning classic guitar from age 8, but started to sing and write songs privately from age 12. Currently she is trying to establish herself locally in Leicestershire doing small pub gigs, weddings, and festivals etc. She enjoys playing all genres of music and iconic songs through the decades, although she does have a soft spot for a bit of country music.

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Project Blackbird at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Project Blackbird - Project Blackbird is a collective of UK-based musicians, including multi-instrumentalist Jon Read, a former trumpet player for The Specials who has also toured with The Dandy Warhols.

Their debut album Endurance is a compelling soundscape that defies the constraints of genre or convention. Instrumentals, spoken word, and lyrical eloquence conspire to create a cinematic listening experience – hypnotic songcraft that cuts to the core of contemporary humanity and “connection”. As one fan suggests, “Imagine a party at Ronnie Scott’s where Sade, Björk, Jeff Beck, and David Byrne meet Portishead and then go for a late night curry to exchange ideas…sublime“.

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Luna Rosa at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Luna Rosa - are an alternative quartet hailing from Northamptonshire. Raw, energetic and frenzied tones create the enigmatic backdrop for anthemic lyrics which are delivered brazenly from the soul. With intense passion and a discord for the norm, audiences are drawn in and tuned to a different wavelength

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Mikey Kerslake at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Mikey Kerslake

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Adam Olinski at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Adam Olinski

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Barefoot Festival™
notWill iPod at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

notWill - has been DJing in around the Midlands for the last 20 years, cutting his teeth with MWD40 sound system, guesting on the Leicester based Babble rig and popping up at many bars, outdoor parties and clubs along the way. Expect an eclectic mix of deep house funk grooves and some special Barefoot tunage.

Barefoot Festival™
Dj Captain iPod at Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Dj Captain iPod - popular Leicester Dj Captain iPod Playing an eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Indie and Funky Groves. A resident at the Basement in Leicester and has supported some big names over the years including Grandmaster Flash, Craig Charles and The Sugar Hill Gang... Will be sure to Keep you dancing late into the night .

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Barefoot Festival™
Big Fish Little Fish Barefoot Festival™ 2021

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave - Since 2013 Big Fish Little Fish have brought raving to the family massive. An independent, grassroots music and events crew of seasoned ravers and parents that put on family raves with all the freedom and excitement of a mini-festival, right in the heart of cities and towns across the UK.

Drawing on their experience as ravers and parents the BFLF crew create anarchic, social, daft fun for all ages. Inspired by Hannah’s (the founder) lifelong love of clubbing and her family’s enjoyment of festivals.

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