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Barefoot Cabaret at Barefoot Festival 2018

Barefoot Cabaret!

Friday night is the return of the fabulous Barefoot Cabaret show and this year we are delighted to announce that it will be once again hosted by multi-skilled performer Doe Demure of Skytribe Dance Studio. Doe has hosted burlesque and cabaret shows for Swingamajig, Strawberry Fields Festival, Americana International and Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival to name but a few, and she has a spectacular show planned for Barefoot Festival 2018!

Skytribe Dance Studio is based in central Leicester and specialises in Burlesque, Tribal fusion belly dance, hula hoop and pole dancing; plus offers a range of hen party workshops.

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Barefoot Festival™

Confirmed Acts...

Doe Demure Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Doe Demure - began her professional dance career as an oriental belly dancer performing for weddings, events and restaurants. She has since performed extensively as a burlesque showgirl, hula hoop dancer, fire performer and as part of Chaines' Moulin Rouge, Vegas showgirl, Bollywood and belly dance troupes. Doe Demure is known for her musicality, freedom of movement and ability to create a magical atmosphere on any stage. An esteemed burlesque, belly dance and hula hoop instructor, Doe has created choreographies for Bijoux Burlesque for their instructors to teach in classes UK wide and has written articles published in NADA (National Arabic Dance Association) magazine. She will be bringing her Chicas Locas burlesque showgirl troupe and Skytribe Tribal fusion belly dancers to perform with her in the Barefoot Cabaret show.

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Barefoot Festival™
Compère du cabaret - Hibword Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Compère du cabaret - Hibword - Obsessed with wordplay and spurred on by flow, Hibword whirls up absurds in consciousness tornadoes. Described as "fizzy", "walking warmth" and her poetry as "falling down alphabet stairs", Hibword has been commissioned by BBC Leicester, a finalist in Superheroes of Slam in Manchester and part of R&D processes in choreo-poetry at Sadler's Wells (Jonzi-D) and Camden Roundhouse (John Berkavitch). She performed a spoken word and B-Boy collaboration as part of hip-hop theatre festival Breakin' Convention and Wolverhampton Arts Fest. Hibword plays ukulele, sansula, vox, darbuka and djembe, dabbles in live looping and is one half of meditative rhythm duo, Mythm. She delivers workshops in music, lyric writing, arts & crafts and career development through several organisations. Hibword also runs Leicester-local variety arts collective, House of Verse, who stage regular, creative-mixmash events.

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Barefoot Festival™
Eleanor Jarvis & Oliver Dietrich Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Eleanor Jarvis & Oliver Dietrich - Eleanor trained at Circomedia in Bristol where she specialised in aerial and partner acrobatics. She has also taken the professional aerial course at My Aerial Home in London where Eleanor specialised in corde lisse. Eleanor's training has also included dance, movement, physical theatre, handstands and tumbling. Since completing her training Eleanor has been working as a Circus Teacher, working with children and adults in group classes, workshops, parties and private classes. Eleanor regularly works at the National Centre For Circus Arts (NCCA), Flying Fantastic and Aerial Life in London. Eleanor has performed at the Greenwich Circus Festival, Cirque du Chennai and Circus Ferrel as well as shows at Circomedia and My Aerial Home. For Barefoot Festival Eleanor will perform her aerial rope act and a partner acrobatics routine with her partner - Olivier Dietrich.

Barefoot Festival™
TheVixenTrio Barefoot Festival™ 2018

TheVixenTrio - TheVixenTrio offer delicious little cabarets that put the 'all singing, all dancing' showgirls and sirens of the past into the realms of modern times. With beautifully woven harmonies, fantastic comedic timing and excellently executed choreography they create audiovisual feasts that capture and empower their audiences. The performances evoke the sparkle and glamour of bygone black and whites movies, they graciously nod at the current Burlesque movement and each bespoke performance radiates as the trio's journey of self discovery and femininity becomes delightfully accessible through the power of song, dance and foxy fun.

Barefoot Festival™
Twisted Pole Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Twisted Pole - Cat and Ceri are a dynamic duo based at Twisted Pole Nottingham, who specialise in strong and quirky tricks to powerful and often unusual music choices. They have been training together for the past 18 months however have over 15 years of pole experience between them. They love to be different and surprise their audiences with unconventional routines that will be sure to change your perception of what you THINK pole dancing is about!

Barefoot Festival™
Claudia Caolin Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Claudia Caolin - Claudia Caolin has her background in Contemporary and Flamenco Dance and has now a teaching experience of 25 years. Originally from Germany, she studied also for many years in London (Laban Centre London), Madrid (Amor de Dios) and Granada, where she considerably broadened her technical abilities as well as her theoretical understanding of both art forms. (Claudia also holds an MA in Dance Studies and wrote her thesis about Flamenco Art.) In 2005 Claudia moved to Cornwall where she teaches and performs regularly with her group Claudia Caolin Y Compania.

Barefoot Festival™
Andrea & Chaines Dance Company Barefoot Festival™ 2016

Andrea & Chaines Dance Company - Chaines dance company is UK's leading multi-style dance troupe renowned for an unforgettable stage presence, glamour and energy in every move. Group is lead by Andrea - international artist, teacher, choreographer, show producer and owner of Chaines dance studio in Leicester. Chaines provides first class entertainment for corporate events, weddings, parties and festivals in more than 20 different dance and proud themselves as one of the most versatile dance groups in the entertainment industry. For Barefoot Festival they will be performing carnival and belly dance routines.

Barefoot Festival™
Santana Rouge Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Santana Rouge - She's a real life pin up, picked from an old Hollywood movie, the ultimate showgirl, a burlesque Drag queen ready to tease, sparkle and seduce.

Barefoot Festival™
Angarika Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Angarika - A fresh and fantastic contemporary fire troupe consisting of fairies, pixies and elves. Spinning a multitude of mesmerising props, from levitation wands and hula hoops, to fire fans, LED props and much more! Guaranteed to enchant, bewitch and enthral audiences with their illusions and spellbinding performances. Previously performing at venues such as Antwerp mansion and Glastonbury festival, this whimsical troupe are sure to bestow a feeling of magic and inspiration into all who see them. So sit back in awe and relax whilst you enjoy a visually exhilarating show filled with lights, illusion and wonder.

Barefoot Festival™
Artemis Darkmoon Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Artemis Darkmoon - A multi-skilled dancer and fire performer from Liverpool with a love of lyrical and graceful hoop dance among her many talents, Artemis will weave an enchanting fairy tale with her hoops to send your imagination spiralling.

Barefoot Festival™
Lauren and Gemma Barefoot Festival™ 2018

Lauren and Gemma - Lauren and Gemma are a Leicester-based aerial duo specialising in the seldom-seen aerial cube. Lauren is an international award-winning performer and head honcho of the Flight Fitness pole and aerial studio. Gemma is one of the lead aerial instructors at Flight Fitness and also performs on Silks, Trapeze and Aerial Hoop. They have been performing together around the country for a number of years, wowing their audiences with feats of strength and fun choreography.

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Barefoot Festival™
DJ Ninja Bob Barefoot Festival™ 2018

DJ Ninja Bob - Bob is a multi-genre dj, specializing in Hiphop, Funk, World Beats, and Electronica. Having spent 15 years honing his turntablism skills he is renowned for his alternative, up-beat and technically proficient sets, spanning pretty much every genre of music.

Barefoot Festival™