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The Chill Out Area at Barefoot Festival 2017

The Chill Out Area Area

The Chill Out Area at Barefoot Festival™ 2017 will be a huge 3-day celebration of Yoga, Tai Chi, therapies and meditative movement practices.

Set away from the hustle and bustle of the workshop and music areas, it will be a place to take it easy, relax and rejuvenate, make new friends, enjoy some new yoga moves and deepen some existing ones.

Barefoot Festival™

Workshops in The Chill Out Area...

Sandra Barnes at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

The Yoga Tree with Sandra Barnes - ESandra Barnes co founder of The Yoga Tree, has over 18 years experience teaching yoga in the UK, having moved here permanently to the UK for her children's education, after 8 years of winter and summer seasons in the French alps, after meeting her English husband on a volcano in Chili. Yoga, love and sharing, and what it can bring to people, is her passion.

Her accent, soothing voice, and lovingly put together choice of words, and directions, with integrated pranayama, cannot be forgotten. Each class with Sandra is a journey and creates a full mind, body and spirit work out. Underpinning all her work is a deep and heart felt desire to help spirits of all levels, reach a more happy and balanced state of being.

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Graham Batar at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Gong Bath with Graham Batar - As a symbol, the gong represents wholeness, as a sound it is a calling to consciousness.

During a gong session, your body absorbs sounds that it needs for healing whilst filtering out what is no longer required. The complex, yet delicate, overtones of the gongs, allow your superficial thoughts to dissipate so you can easily reach a much deeper consciousness leaving you in a very calm, relaxed state. The gong vibrations continue to work long after the gong bath has finished.

Gong healing works on various levels – physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Negativity and chaos are suspended; irregularity and resistance disappear and the whole being is returned to harmonic balance.

Barefoot Festival™
Gregg Chapman at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Didgeridoo Sound Healing with Gregg Chapman - Experience deep meditation and healing with the Australian Didgeridoo played by sound therapist, Gregg Chapman.

The vibrations of the didgeridoo help to soothe muscular aches and pains while bringing you to a state of deep relaxation.

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Elena Birkby at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Laughter Yoga with Elena Birkby - Yoga With Elena offers an authentic, supportive, non-judgmental teaching style. Elena is a fully qualified 200hr yoga practitioner who trained with Nottinghamshire leading yoga school Bahia. With her extensive experience in the care sector, Elena can offer a supportive, caring and empowering practice to all that join her class.

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Gemma and Jake at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Acro Yoga with Gemma and Jake - Gemma first started experimenting with acroyoga throughout her time at university in Sheffield and Cambridge. Upon graduating, she moved to Leeds where she became invested in the acro community and partnered up with Jake to create BaseAcro. Gemma has a passion for using acro to inspire confidence and encourage people to get active whilst having fun and being social.

Jake first started practising acro after moving to Leeds for university. Now, as a fully qualified osteopath, his knowledge of how the body works makes him an exceptional acro teacher. Jake has a passion for helping individuals challenge themselves mentally and physically, whilst working with their natural physique.

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Barefoot Festival™
Joanne Derbyshire at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Sun Power Yoga with Joanne Derbyshire - Sun Power Yoga is a blend of traditional Easter styles, Ashtanga for breath work or Pranayama, Iyengar for alignment and Sivananda for the controlling of the mind. By staring with pranayama and going through a series of asanas one can begin to develop and nurture self discover, self awareness and the joy of being through the practice of yoga.

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Emma Burniston at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Flower Crowns with Emma Burniston - For all things everlasting flowers look no further than Emma Burniston from UnitiMake. Pick your favourite flowers from the garden and freshen up your festival style this season, by creating a unique floral headpiece that stands the test of time.

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Lisa Foden at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

LC Yoga, Singing Bowls, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Stress Relief with Lisa Foden - As a full-time British Wheel of Yoga instructor she offers a range of Traditional Hetha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Nada Yoga Nidra, Guided Relaxation & Kundalini Yoga.

Yoga is her passion, Yoga is her life, Yoga is her love - she is a modern day yogini and prides herself in bringing light to her students minds, bodies and thoughts.

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