What's On 2017

Themed Fancy Dress Days at barefoot festival

We are aiming to make Barefoot Festival 2017 the most colourful and fun one yet - with amazing plans for interactive art installations and walk-about entertainment for all the family. We wanted to encourage all our Barefooters to get into the swing of things last year, so we introduced Themed Fancy Dress Days, and we had a blast seeing what you all came up with. So we are delighted to announce that the Themed Fancy Dress Days are back for Barefoot Festival 2017 and they are bigger and better than before!

Barefoot Festival™
Flashy Friday at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Friday's Theme: Flashy Friday Let's light up the skies on Flashy Friday! Cover yourself in glitter, walk around with a disco ball, paint yourself in neon colours or fluffy feathers, find a use for those Christmas tree lights, whatever floats your boat goes. The bolder, the brighter, the more flamboyant the better! Let your inner diva shine through and let's make Flashy Friday shimmer and shine.

Barefoot Festival™
Mythical Creatures at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Saturday's Theme: Mythical Creatures Barefoot Festival 2017 is the only place on earth you will be able to see all the Mythical Creatures you have ever dreamt about, running around in the wild! Mermaids will be sunning themselves in the open, unicorns run freely through the barefoot fields, dragons will breath fire right in front of you! We invite all our Barefooters to open their minds and unleash their wildest dreams - which creature will you come as, what have you always wanted to be?

Barefoot Festival™
Vintage Circus at Barefoot Festival™ 2017

Sunday's Theme: Vintage Circus Roll up, roll up, the circus is coming to town and this year you are encouraged to run away with it! Think lion tamers, contortionists, clowns, jugglers, tightrope walkers and everything in-between - the good old fashion circus is back in town and we invite you to join in.

Photo: Talulah Blue, Neil Kendall

Barefoot Festival™