Barefoot Festival™

A massive thank you to all that have let us use their photos on our website

Lots of people have been so kind in letting us use their Barefoot Festival™ photos on our website. We try our very hardest to credit everyone if their photos have been used, of course photos come in from all sources and some credits may have been missed. If you spot a photo of yours and we have missed your name off the list below, please get in touch via email and we will of course rectify this.

FatCat Creations

Grace Elkin Photography

Bernard Cavanagh

Stephanie Sian Smith

Rob Shinn

Lisa Pidgeon

Walking Runes Applemoon

Ian Craven

Abby Bunny Rampling

Kay Hewitt

Kay Kimberley

Rob Smalley

Martin Gill

Vic Rupsin

Meryl Gardner Drake

Barefoot Festival™