Essential Information

Arrival at Barefoot Festival

Please Note: Upon your arrival please do not use the Prestwold Hall main entrance, instead follow your satnav to and signs for the Everyman Racing entrance - LE12 5SH.

For health and safety reasons we have arranged for cars to be parked in a designated area a short walk from the campsite and there will be a small car parking fee.

Upon your arrival to the Barefoot Festival™ site your ticket confirmation must be shown, once ticket conformation has been approved a wrist band will be issued.

Although the walk from the car park to the campsite is short, we understand that it can be challenging with large amounts of equipment and/or with children in tow. Therefore we offer a trolley hire service which will be available from just outside the main car park.

Those in Campers, Caravans or Trailer Tents can stay in their vehicles in the camping area for an additional fee - NO CARS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CAMPING AREA AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SLEEP IN YOUR CAR. PLEASE NOTE: TENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE CAMPER, CARAVAN OR TRAILER TENT AREA - friends who are camping in tents will be directed to camp in a separate area. Small awnings are allowed.

Once pitched, we cannot allow movement of Campers/Caravans/Trailer Tents whilst the festival is open due to health and safety regulations. We ask that you do not move your Camper/Caravan/Trailer Tent until Monday morning. The area is strictly limited and you may get your Camper/Caravan/Trailer Tent blocked for the weekend which also restricts movement until the festival site is closed.

Campers/Caravans/Trailer Tents; upon arrival please inform a car parking attendant you have purchased a Camper/Caravan/Trailer Tent Weekend Parking Pass. You will be asked to temporarily park your vehicle and directed to the front gate. At the front gate your ticket confirmation must be shown, once ticket conformation has been approved a wrist band will be issued. Once you have wrist bands for all your party, you will be requested to return to your vehicle and then will be directed to the campsite entrance. You will be required to be safely moved on and off site by one of our marshals, please do not move your vehicle without being directed by a marshal for health and safety reasons.

Those with vehicles who are towing a Caravan or Trailer Tent will also receive a weekend parking pass for the towing vehicle. Once Caravan/Trailer Tent is pitched all cars must be removed from the campsite and will be directed to the main car park. The weekend parking pass is included with a Campers/Caravans/Trailer Tents parking pass fee - YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY A SEPARATE PARKING PASS FOR THE TOWING VEHICLE.

A 5 mile an hour speed limit is in force at all times while on the campsite and hazard lights must be kept on when moving your vehicle. Once you have parked your vehicle please try to avoid moving it unless absolutely necessary and all engines must be kept switched off once on site.

Barefoot Festival™